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Outsourced Alterations


We can help you offer alterations directly to your in-store clients through our turn-key solution specifically designed to make it easy on your sales staff.  This is a service we currently offer in Chicago, and that we will be offering in NYC and Washington DC in the near future.

The program is built for you to customize your needs specific to each market and season, and can scale up and down whenever you choose, you are in control.  Pricing tiers are based on your total spend with NearWest Studio and calculated on a rolling 12-month basis to provide smooth yearly pricing as your business and sales grow.

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Our team of master fitters are available to train your staff at any level of the alterations and fitting process, as well as be available to answer questions your team has via email. 

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We offer a custom alteration ticket specifically built for the program, as well as hangers, chalk, pins, and other supplies that your staff may prefer.  Your stores will also be equipped with reference manuals for your staff to go back to any time they have questions.

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Our team is available for regrular and rush pickups and drop-offs as needed for your store.  We have streamlined email communication available for day-to-day interations and also provide digitial invoices.

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